Mother’s Day Sale!

For the next week we are running a Candles and Cosmetics sale with 20% off, just in time for Mother’s Day! Our creams are made from the beeswax from our own hives and other natural organic ingredients. Our candles are handmade in Ireland from Rainbow Candles. Unscented, these candles produce a pleasant, natural smell. Head over to our store now to get your order in time for Mother’s Day!

20% off or beeswax hair products!

for the next week our homemade Beard wax and Hair Wax are on sale with 20% off. Our Beard wax can be used as a balm for the beard and as an aftershave to help sooth skin irritation. Can tame the wildest of beards. Also a great moisturiser! The hair wax is fantastic styling putty, with a strong hold. The wax can also help heal and strengthen damaged hair. Visit our store to get yours!