Honey in it’s Purest Form, Now on Sale!

There is no better way to enjoy the sweet tastes of honey then eating it in its purest form!🍯 Honey comb is honey before its been extracted from the comb, and still remains in it natural beeswax casing. Both the wax and honey can be eaten together spread on toast, crumbled over cheese, or even on its own for a sweet treat!🐝 Our honey comb is as raw as honey comes, and until the end of May is on SALE! Head over to 👉our store👈 to get yours while our stock last!

Swarming season is here again!

With all this warm weather, the bees have never been busier! 🐝So it’s no surprise that we’ve had our first swarm of the season in our own garden! Swarming is a natural process the bees do when they are looking to establish new hives, so seeing a big clump of bees like this just means they are looking for a new home!🏡 If you see a swarm of bees you can call us to collect them, so that they don’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t!

For swarm collections, call