Bee Swarm Removal Service

Bee Swarm Removal Service, call the beekeeper

 Honeybee swarm in a tree.

Honeybee swarm in a tree.

Bee Swarm Removal Service

Swarm season has begun!   . We will take your unwanted bees . By calling us to remove your bees you will be helping to relocate honeybees to a safe place

Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of the foods we eat yet they are struggling in modern society due to diseases, pests, loss of habitat and pesticides.  By calling us to relocate your bees you will be doing your part to help save and preserve these insects that are vital to our survival. To find out more please email us at

Contact No  0834780022

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  1. I bought lavender lip balm in lisdoonvarna market last September. Love it and want to buy some more. What markets will it be sold at? I live in Dublin but travel a lot.

    • hi apologies for delay in coming back to you we have the online shop also we are in Ennis every friday in Rosleven shopping centre
      give me a call on 0834780022 when you are coming west and i will advise

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