Galway Food Festival @Galwayfood

a perfect reason to go to the pub on good Friday

we will be talking to the bees




Local Beekeeper & Raw Honey Producer Noel Leahy talks about the history of beekeeping in Ireland and the the importance of bees plus honey tasting.

Free Event – donations to Madra welcome.

One thought on “Galway Food Festival @Galwayfood

  1. My husband and I took our two boys to visit Noel’s bees on Saturday. We had a wonderful time. Noel and his lovely daughter Heather welcomed us in their beautiful home where they told us about bees and beekeeping. After getting ourselves ready with the suits provided (the boys loved the excitement of “dressing up” into what looks like a cool astronaut costume) we went to the beehive right outside in the garden and had a brilliant time learning about how the bees live, forage, and interact while being up close and personal with the drones, the workers and the queen! Noel and Heather were readily answering all our questions and made the boys really at ease and confident. We then went back inside where we were treated to samples from different honeys and goat’s cheese crackers. They have everything available if you want to bring something back from your visit but they never make you feel like you have to buy anything. The whole time you feel you’ve been invited to a relaxed family afternoon tea. The boys almost emptied one of the jars! A much recommended experience to any family who loves nature (and honey).

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