Orange & Peppermint Foot Cream

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Our foot creams are made from the beeswax from our own hives and other natural organic ingredients. The cream moisturizes feet and legs and helps soften rough heels. It is also helpful in relieving tired feet and leg muscles after a long day on the go. The foot cream fragrance is; Orange/Peppermint.

3 reviews for Orange & Peppermint Foot Cream

  1. Laura

    FootCream Review:
    I have some open cuts on my hands and feet, so I thought I’d buy this Bees’ Wax Footcream, and see if it helps.
    Because Bee’s wax is a naturally produced, wholesome substance, you can apply it directly over open-cuts and sores, and it doesn’t sting or cause any irritation.
    When I applied this Bees’ Wax over the open-cuts, it sealed the cuts, which protects them from infection and moisture, and over-night I can already see the wounds are starting to heal.
    It also stops skin itching, which means you won’t cut your skin again by scratching, so long as you continue to use this Bees’ Wax as a protective Salve, on hands and feet that get a lot of wear.
    I only wish it was in a larger size, although because its wax, a little goes along way, but if you need to cover a large area of skin, I recommend you take some of the bees’ wax on your palm, and blend it with a lotion or natural nutritive oil, like peach-kernal oil. This will help the bees-wax to go further, and make it smoother to apply.
    People with skin rashes from allergies, or eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, should give this a try, as well as including the Raw Honey in your daily diet

  2. Aoife Conway (verified owner)

    Lovely and rich, smells great but not greasy!

  3. Grace Rattigan

    The Smell ❤️ !!! The texture is fabulous aswell just an all around lovely product!

    • admin

      Thank you Grace we love it

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