A monthly Honey Box, sent to you the first week of every Month!
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100% Raw Irish Honey 227g (Subscription)9.00 / month
Bee Pollen 120g (Subscription)8.00 / month
Cut Comb Honey (Subscription)12.00 / month
Heather Honey 227g (Subscription)15.00 / month
Hot Honey 227g (Subscription)12.00 / month
Propolis Tincture (Subscription)8.00 / month
Section Honey (Subscription)25.00 / month

Beeswax Lavender Hand Cream (Subscription)8.00 / month
Beeswax Orange/Peppermint Hand Cream (Subscription)8.00 / month
Beeswax Lavender Lip Balm (Subscription)4.00 / month
Beeswax Orange Lip Balm (Subscription)4.00 / month
Comfort Balm (Subscription)9.00 / month
Hair/ Beard Wax (Subscription)8.50 / month
Orange & Peppermint Foot Cream (Subscription)8.00 / month