A new look with the same great taste!

We are happy to finally be able show off our brand new labels! 🌟For something this good and delicious, it deserves to get a shiny new look! 🍯Our honey is 100% raw and is a natural sweetener that can replace processed surges in baking, cooking, or even a cup of tea!☕ To get some of our honey for yourself, just head over to 👉our store👈 and place your order today!

Honey in it’s Purest Form, Now on Sale!

There is no better way to enjoy the sweet tastes of honey then eating it in its purest form!🍯 Honey comb is honey before its been extracted from the comb, and still remains in it natural beeswax casing. Both the wax and honey can be eaten together spread on toast, crumbled over cheese, or even on its own for a sweet treat!🐝 Our honey comb is as raw as honey comes, and until the end of May is on SALE! Head over to 👉our store👈 to get yours while our stock last!

Beekeeping vouchers Make a Perfect Gift!

These vouchers make the perfect gift for any beekeeping or honey enthusiast!🍯 With this voucher you can purchase from our wide range of beeswax creams, candles, food wraps, our selection of raw honeys, or even a beekeeping tour where you can come and meet the bees! 🐝

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Hot Honey now on sale!

To celebrate the launch of our Hot honey in our online store, it is now on sale for the next week with 10% off! Filled with antioxidants that have numerous health benefits, along with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, raw honey has an incredible high medicinal value, especially for coughs and colds. Head over to our store to get yours while the sale lasts.

Bee Swarm Removal Service

Bee Swarm Removal Service, call the beekeeper

 Honeybee swarm in a tree.

Honeybee swarm in a tree.

Bee Swarm Removal Service

Swarm season has begun!   . We will take your unwanted bees . By calling us to remove your bees you will be helping to relocate honeybees to a safe place

Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of the foods we eat yet they are struggling in modern society due to diseases, pests, loss of habitat and pesticides.  By calling us to relocate your bees you will be doing your part to help save and preserve these insects that are vital to our survival. To find out more please email us at loughreahoney@gmail.com

Contact No  0834780022